About Me

My page is something to fall back on if my degree that I’m going for doesn’t have a job available so I still have an opportunity at a job until one opens up for my career path. This page is so that I have something to show for the two years of Photoshop and animation.

By posting these here, it shows that I have creativity and I am hardworking. When I post something here it should resemble how my work ethnic is and how I am mentally. I am generally new to animation, however I will work hard to learn how to properly animate and make it look natural. The main reason I post here is to have a reliable source of my work.

My Name is Ryan Irish and I live in Texas. My outline is a pitcher because I enjoy pitching competitively and competing with my friends. My two favorite pitchers are Chris Sale and Justin Verlander. The reason is that Chris Sale is the pitcher for my favorite team and Justin Verlander because I throw like him so I want to be like him. My favorite team in baseball is the Red Soxs because most of my family is up in Massachusetts. In Massachusetts I have visited the statue of George Washington. Some day I would like to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa. My favorite college is Notre Dame because it is the fighting Irish. Last year I created my own posters and logos for my school. My favorite subject is math and I hope to go to college and get a job involving it. My family in the center means the world to me, and I include my teammates as family because you need to have trust in your team like you’re a family.

Video 2


Video 2 is about Recording and Editing a action that Chloe “Homer” does. I learned how to start a recording and that you can move a object while recording to record it. When I started to edit it I realized that my computer did not record sound through the camera. Also when I started to edit it would allow me to shorten/expand the action and Slow down /Speed Up the action like the wave.

Video 1


In Video 1, I made the skin color by using the eclipse tool and merging the layers to remove the white dashed lines. Then I learned about the eyebrow + and why it is there. Then I learned about the independent and depended action in the rig section and what it does. Then I learned about the action in the face option on the right bar.